Saturday, August 29, 2009

Out with the Old

Off to Springtucky
One of my favorite things

So lately I have been trying to follow my family's tradition of changing my surroundings on a regular basis... The goal of this is never to be held back by the things in my home and to be continually improving the things around me.

As a child I knew never to expect to see the same home I had seen upon leaving for school. Many times I would return to find the house had completely changed beyond recognition... One example was when I was living in Florence Oregon in a small two bedroom apartment...
I left our house with its rather simple decor to find a small Forest in our living room.
In my absence my dad had replaced all the furniture with logs and installed a complete forest of trees in the living room.
Beyond that he had released our pet cockatiels to run free and fly about the house....

I have no plans to take such actions, as the availability of trees for home decor seems limited in this area.
But the other tradition in creating a dynamic home by continually replacing furniture with new interesting pieces seems like a good goal to keep in mind.

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